The Comeback Legends: Old Heroes Shining in Mobile Legends Season 31

The Comeback Legends: Old Heroes Shining in Mobile Legends Season 31

Mobile Legends Season 31 has been going for a few weeks now, and it has brought many changes to the game. With the new meta, some old Mobile Legends heroes are making a strong comeback, thanks to new patches and changes.

For experienced Mobile Legends players, these heroes may bring back memories. For new players, however, it may be exciting to use these return heroes in Season 31 team fights. Want to know which Mobile Legends heroes are coming back? Let’s jump in and find out!

Nana’s New Makeover in Mobile Legends Season 31

Meet Nana, who has changed:

In Mobile Legends Season 31, Nana, the cute hero, has been changed to make her much stronger. The changes were mostly made to her second skill, Molina Smooch, making it an area-of-effect skill that can now hit more than one enemy.

When you use Molina Smooch and Blitz together, it’s hard for enemy heroes to fight back, especially in team fights. With her high burst magic power, Nana can now go up against other season mage heroes.

Balmond’s Fight in the Jungle

Back in the Jungle with Balmond:

In Mobile Legends Season 31, Balmond is back in the game as a jungler fighter. This change happened after patch 1.8.44, which made big changes to the War Axe and Brute Force Breastplate items, which had a big effect on Balmond’s gameplay.

Balmond is better at team fights now that the War Axe and Brute Force Breastplate have been changed. His magic vamp gets stronger, and so does his true power and cooldowns. Balmond is even stronger when he uses the fighter emblem with the Festival of Blood talent, which makes his spell vamp even stronger.

The Unwavering Strength of Alice

The Buff of Alice in Season 31:

In Mobile Legends Season 31, Alice gets a buff that gets rid of the need to gather stacks. Because of this change, Alice is stronger early on without having to collect stacks in the side lane. So, the meta changes to favour Alice as a strong jungler who can show her strength from early to late SLOT GACOR TERBARU game.

You can now get 1.5% more max mana from Alice’s passive every second. This effect doubles when she faces enemy heroes. Also, when her ultimate hits an enemy hero, the cooldowns for her first and second skills are lowered. With these changes, Alice is harder to beat and can spam her skills more often.

Old Heroes Come Back to Life

In Mobile Legends Season 31, these three heroes are making a comeback and are becoming more common in ranks from epic to mythic. They are taking back control of the Land of Dawn with the right changes, buffs, builds, badges, battle spells, and attacks. Which hero do you think will be your favourite this season? Get ready to leave your mark on the fight!