Amber Heard Reveals Details of Relationship with Elon Musk in New Biography

Amber Heard Reveals Details of Relationship with Elon Musk in New Biography

Walter Isaacson’s latest biography delves into the intricacies of the relationship between Elon Musk and Amber Heard. The biography features insights from both Musk, the 52-year-old SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO, and Heard, the 37-year-old actress renowned for her roles in “Aquaman” and “The Lost Kingdom.”

Amber Heard: A Sci-Fi Enthusiast Encounters a “Stunning Woman”

Isaacson, in the biography’s chapter titled “Rocky Relationships,” recounts Musk’s initial fascination with Heard, sparked by her appearance in the 2013 film “Machete Kills.” Their first face-to-face encounter occurred when Heard visited SpaceX a year later. In the book, Heard playfully describes herself as “a geek who can also be considered a stunning woman.” Isaacson further notes that during her SpaceX visit, Musk took her for a spin in a Tesla.

Amber Heard Reveals Details of Relationship with Elon Musk in New Biography

Across the Miles: International Flights and Role-Playing

In April 2017, Musk embarked on a journey to Australia to visit Heard during her “Aquaman” filming. Isaacson also reveals that, during their relationship, Heard arranged for a costume to “role-play” the character Mercy from the video game Overwatch. These snippets shed light on the adventurous and playful facets of their romance.

Stormy Seas: A Relationship’s Challenges

The biography does not gloss over the tumultuous episodes of Heard and Musk’s liaison. In December 2017, tensions flared during a vacation in South America, with family members, including Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, present. While Heard acknowledged the disagreement to Isaacson, she also shared images and videos depicting her and Musk sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss, underscoring the complexity of their bond.

Musk characterized their relationship in the biography as “intense.” Despite the hurdles they faced, Heard professed her enduring love, stating that she still deeply cares for her ex. She added a metaphorical perspective on Musk’s personality, remarking that “Elon is drawn to fire, and at times, it engulfs him.”

Kimbal Musk’s Point of View: Concern for His Brother

Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, shared his viewpoint in the book. He expressed sadness regarding his brother’s proclivity for falling in love with individuals who mistreated him. He referred to these individuals as having “a dark side” and being “harmful.” When asked why he gravitates toward such individuals, Elon Musk candidly confessed, “Because I’m simply a fool for love. I frequently act foolishly, especially in matters of the heart.”

As of the article’s publication, a representative for Amber Heard had not responded to requests for comment.

Post-Breakup: Mutual Respect and Friendship

More than a year after parting ways, Heard reflected positively on their relationship in a December 2018 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She emphasized the core values that initially drew them together: intellectual curiosity, shared enthusiasm for science, and stimulating conversations. Despite the challenges they encountered, she conveyed deep respect for Elon Musk and highlighted the enduring friendship they had cultivated.